Guidance for template Freedom Newspaper:

  1. The file is made in open source program Scribus 1.5.x (Development), get it here:
  2. The only font used in the template is Libertinus, install it on your media - download:
  3. Download the newspaper template scribus file - you might want to see it as pdf first:
  4. The newspaper size is tabloid 280 x 395 mm, margin 9 mm top, right, bottom and left. Make sure it fits with the printing machine.
  5. Standard colors are all in CMYK to match printing machine.
  6. A number of predefined headlines, text etc. are set - F4
  7. Examples of 3 and 4 columns text and image boxes of are shown - copy paste - use F2 and F3 for editing, F4 for style manager.
  8. Make sure all images are at least 150 dpi, preferably 200 dpi - F3.
  9. Add more pages, choose master page left/right or blanc - check design temporarily by master page 'check left/right'.
  10. Above layer 'Page ??' there is an internal link - choose a page (double-click + Ctrl to mark a layer below)
  11. Above layer 'a web link' - choose the external site.
  12. Make sure when exporting to pdf file a max resolution on 200 dpi, outline all fonts, use document bleeds (0 mm)
  13. Feel free to change all of it or ask for advise -

All the best and for true freedom!